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A group of marketers with three decades of experience combined came together to create the most comprehensive course on social media & branding you've ever seen!

Everything you need to know to build an infectious brand online! Your social media brand is one of the most importnant assets you have because it appreciates value of everything else that you do!

Master Resell Rights means that when you buy this course, you also buy the right to re-sell it for 100% profit!



270+ Videos, 22+ Hours

Over 270 comprehensive videos (totaling over 22 hours!) on social media, marketing, branding & the sales process.

Community Calls

Get instant access to a success community where you can network & ask questions. We host weekly calls on mindset & business.

4 Languages

Now available in English, Spanish, French & German!

Funnel Templates

Save hours by downloading our customizable done-for-you sales funnel which is included with your purchase of the course.

Lifetime Updates

Get lifetime access to the course, any updates, new videos added & the support community.






Module 1: Building Your Sales Funnel

We know building a funnel is tedious so we've included a free templates in this course that you can simply download & edit. Want to create your own? This module will teach you how to do that with step-by-step instructions.

Module 2: High Quality Branding

We called it The Ultimate Branding Course because everything you do online starts with your brand! Learn how to build an infectious brand that will gain you influence, connect with your audience & increase sales!

Module 3: How To Launch

This module details our 6-step method for launching something new to your social media audience. There's an art to it & we've got it down! You can use this strategy to launch your Resell Rights or any other business venture

Module 4: All About Instagram

They say Instagram is the new resume, at least for online businesses! So let's set yours up for success. This module has over 16 videos showing you how to master reels, your bio, highlights, engagement strategies & more!

Module 5: All About Tiktok

Tiktok is a pool of endless leads but... you have to know how to use it! It can be challenging but we've layed out step by step strategies that will grow your account & get you hundreds of leads!

Module 6: Content Creation

Learn how to create content like a pro! This module explains everything from how to take a photo to editing it. You'll be surprised at how these changes will impact the quality of your content!

Module 7: E-mail Marketing

If you haven't started collecting e-mails yet... you are missing out on automating your business! This module will teach you how to capture e-mails & what type of e-mail marketing you can use to close t leads that are still thinking!

Module 8: Attraction Marketing

Tired of chasing leads? Learn how to attract customers & followers using our proven methods!

Module 9: Being Efficient

This section will give you tutorials of all the different tools, apps and tricks we use to save time while managing our social media businesses.

Module 10: How To Stay Organized

This section will teach you how to stay organized & manage your time so you can maximize your results! This includes apps and integrations that will make your life easier.

Module 11: Video Editing with CapCut

Step by step tutorials and tips on how to edit video content on the CapCut app.

Module 12: Video Editing with VLLO

Step by step tutorials and tips on how to edit video content on the VLLO app.

Module 13: Creating Value Videos

Value videos are content that is geared toward teaching your audience something, giving a perspective or inspiring them. This section goes through everything from finding a topic, ediiting & proven tips to catch your viewers' attention!

Module 14: Business Mindset

Your mind will be tested many times in the journey of building an online brand. This section goes over the mindset you need to have in order to have a successful online business.

Module 15: DMOs

DMOs are "Daily Methods of Operations". This module goes over what to do on a daily basis to build your brand & grow your business!

Module 16: All About Reels

This is a super beginner-friendly module that covers everything you need to know for creating Instagram Reels!

Module 17: MRR Mastery *new*

This is a FIVE HOUR long module that goes extremely in depth on everything you need to know in order to succeed with reselling courses. It's a whole seperate course within the course filled with strategies & examples!

Module 18: Faceless Marketing *new*

For this module we interviewed 3 digital marketers who all make over $20,000/month without even showing their faces online! They shared all of their best tips & strategies and we put it into a two hour long module! If you're thinking of doing this faceless, this is a must-watch!

Module 19: Beauty Business Branding *new*

This module was designed by a multi-6 figure beauty business owner who built her business from the ground up! It is specifically for those with beauty businesses that want to learn how to elevate their branding and increase revenue!

Module 20: Affiliate Program

This module teaches you how to create your own affilaiate program and earn comissions on your products.

Module 21: Digital Product Creation *new*

This module teaches you exactly how to create your own digital product from scratch or using a PLR template. It explains what strategies you could take when coming up with your own products and how to deliver them to your audience!

Module 22: ManyChat *new*

This module has step-by-step tutorials on how to automated your DMs with ManyChat allowing you to work smarter, not harder in your online business!

BONUS: 100+ Page Content Vault

Included in your purchase of UBC, you get access to a 100+ page content vault that you can download to use for your stories or any marketing content! It also gives you the option to customzie the templates if you want to switch up the colours or add your own photos!


What is MRR?

MRR stands for "Master Resell Rights" and it is a legal clause attached to the course that allows you to resell it for 100% profit. Simply, if you like the course & think it's valuable - you can also sell it to your audience for an additional stream of income!

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if:

  • You want to build a powerful brand & social presence
  • You have a social media business or aspire to have one
  • You want to increase sales for your online business or digital products
  • You're an aspiring influencer or creator & want to grow
  • You're looking for an additional stream of income through MRR
What support do I have?

When you buy the course, you get instand access to our community. There you can ask questions & connect with people. We host 3 mindset calls a week & a weekly Q&A where you can continue to develop your skills.

Do I have to resell the course?

Absolutely not! The resell model is a bonus on top of all the value included in this course and community. It is completely optional!

Is this the same as other MRR courses?

No it is not! This course has 100% unique content from the courses out there. The deep focus with our course is on your branding & social media marketing.

Is this Network Marketing?

No it is not! This course is independent of any Network Marketing company. There is no team building or multi-level aspect. You are simply selling a digital course for 100% profit.

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